Finnish Pharmacological Society
Medicinal Chemistry Committee of the Finnish Pharmaceutical Society (FinMedChem)
Finnish Peptide Society

Organizing committee
Professor Markus Forsberg, University of Eastern Finland (Chair)
Docent Hannu Koistinen, University of Helsinki
Professor Olli Pentikäinen, University of Turku
Professor Ullamari Pesonen, University of Turku
Professor Antti Poso, University of Eastern Finland and University of Tübingen
Docent Outi Salminen, University of Helsinki
Docent Päivi Tammela, University of Helsinki
Docent Erik Wallen, University of Helsinki

Participating doctoral programmes at the University of Helsinki
Doctoral Programme in Drug Research (DPDR)
Doctoral Programme in Integrative Life Science (ILS)
Doctoral Programme Brain & Mind (B&M)
Doctoral Programme in Biomedicine (DPBM)
Doctoral Programme in Chemistry and Molecular Sciences (CHEMS)